The Atlantic II, first functional prototype of Hyperloop UPV

Presented last summer in SpaceX facilities. Fully autonomous, 100% electric and prepared to levitate in vacuum conditions.

This past august the team landed at Los Angeles, California. They were full of motivation and excitement for what lay ahead. They were prepared to kill the competition at the Hyperloop Pod Competition II. It was a week full of emotions which allowed the team to show all the work that had been done during the previous year. Hyperloop UPV placed top10 worldwide with the Atlantic II, a unique prototype that was completely automated, 100% electric and prepared for levitation in the vacuum environment of the test track.

The Atlantic II was the result of mornings, afternoons and nights at the UPV workshop. The top 10 placement is not only thanks to the hours dedicated to the prototype but also the companionship and help provided by each and every team member to each other. These traits are what allowed the Atlantic II to become reality from just a few sketches and ideas the year before. For this reason the team also worked during the competition on the prototype in the garage of the house they were staying at. The reason? Make the 5th method of transportation a reality.

Without a doubt, the SpaceX judges could not pass on and not recognize the talent and pure motivation the Hyperloop UPV team had and showed. The team was able to test all the systems in the vacuum chamber provided by SpaceX by the competition. The team was also able to command the movement of the pod autonomously during the open air test track test.

Thanks to the experience obtained during the competition the team is working to get to the Hyperloop Pod Competition III. The objective is to once again show the true spirit of Hyperloop. This year through Valentia.



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