Hyperloop UPV successfully celebrates its first Networking event

An event in which the sponsors and members of the Hyperloop UPV team had the opportunity to establish deeper delations with the sponsors. Relationships that go beyond a screen, phone or paper.

The event took place on the 7th of February at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. The event can only be described as a complete success.

Networking events are thought out so as to establish long lasting relationships that go beyond conventional and digital means of communication like phones, papers or screens. This event was all about giving the teams sponsors a chance to meet the team and work that is being done. They have chosen to believe in Hyperloop UPV because of its potential and therefore they had a chance to personally meet the team in person and speak with them. The team members also had the chance to meet the companies that make the construction of the future of transportation possible.

We were happy to have all the teams sponsors present in the event. They were impressed with the milestones and advances that had been made thus far. Not only did the event allow the sponsors to have an updated look into Hyperloop UPV, but also for the team members to get a chance to ask any questions they had regarding anything to do with the project and the companies. While all this was happening they were treated with a delicious brunch.

This was the first Networking event organized by Hyperloop UPV and we are glad to announce that there will be more. Keep up to date with our newsletter and social networks to not miss them.

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