Hyperloop UPV presents Turian, their last prototype

The new prototype assures a remarkable improvement in various aspects such as weight-to-power ratio, acceleration and safety

More than 1,000 components form the already considered “the best prototype so far”

Valencia, 29th May of 2019. Last Friday, Hyperloop UPV revealed all the details of Turian, the prototype that will compete next July in the Hyperloop Pod Competition, which will be held in Los Angeles (USA) by SpaceX and The Boring Company.

The event took place in the impressive auditorium of the Nexus building at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A massive event where everyone was able to witness the progress of one of the only five teams that have qualified for all the previous final stages of the Competition. In addition, the event was attended by the rector of the University, who showed his admiration and full support to the team.

As highlighted by the team itself, “we could not relax after getting established among the best teams in the world. Turian reflects exactly that, the pursuit of going further and not accommodating. “With a prototype visibly more compact than its predecessor, Valentia, Hyperloop UPV aims to win the competition this summer.

Turian not only continues with the modern and innovative designs of the previous prototypes, but also assures a remarkable improvement in various aspects such as weight-to-power ratio, acceleration and safety. The impressive creation will use the most cutting-edge technology in order to reach even higher speeds in a fully eco-friendly way.

All the components that form the new prototype have been designed taking down to the smallest detail in order to create a single engineering work, which will be covered with a renewed and inspiring fairing. Turian has not only been conceived to win the competition, but also seeks to go further, bringing the technology of the future to the present.

In previous editions, the project was awarded the Best Conceptual Design and the Best Propulsion System and last July it repeated among the top 10 teams in the world, after also achieving it in 2017. Hyperloop UPV is consolidated as one of the best teams in the world, thus the main objective now is to finally win the competition.

Hyperloop is a new means of transport based on large vacuum tubes through which capsules capable of transporting both passengers and freight will travel at speeds over 1000 km/h using a fully eco-friendly method. The main objective is to connect everything, changing the way people move and making life much easier.

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Hyperloop UPV presents Turian, their last prototype