In the finals again!

The team has been selected as one of the finalists in this summer’s competition organized by SpaceX. The task at hand is to build a prototype of the Hyperloop. The competition will take place in California this coming July.

After turning in what can only be called as a decisive document for the future of the team and waiting for news from SpaceX, the company responsible for the Hyperloop Pod Competition, we received an email early in the month that changed the atmosphere of everyone in the team. We have been once again selected to participate in the Hyperloop Pod Competition III this coming July at the SpaceX installations in California.

We have classified within the 20 finalists. We have been selected among more than 600 universities at a global level. Hyperloop UPV is the only spanish team selected to participate in this edition.

This year the stated challenge for the competition is the design and construction of a functional prototype based off of Hyperloop technologies with the objective reaching the maximum possible speed. The team is already working against the clock to make this second completely spanish-built prototype a possibility. The pod has been baptized with the name Valentia.

Hyperloop UPV has dedicated itself to the design and development of the prototype since last year’s competition. All this work was put in a highly technical document that was sent to SpaceX ultimately allowing the team to earn the classification in what can only be called an adventure.

We are sure that this year’s competition will be a success like last year’s and we will leave the SpaceX judges with open mouths when they see our prototype in action. In order to do this we are always creating new collaborations and working day and night in the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

The fifth method of transportation is getting closer and closer. Don’t forget to be part of this revolution and keep up-to-date on our social media accounts!

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