Even more powerful than its predecessor, this prototype was also ranked among the top ten universities in the competition. With an amazingly improved technology, Valentia also includes an outstanding new design combining futuristic and aerodynamic outlines. Its elegance was even admitted by our advisors from SpaceX, alongside all the other competing teams.

Atlantic II is the prototype which was developed for the Hyperloop Pod Competition II, organized by SpaceX in August 2017. The Atlantic II earned a place among the top 10 teams globally, with more than 300 universities participating. SpaceX confirmed that the Hyperloop technologies implemented on the prototype where exceptional, naming it the most powerful Pod in the competition.


Conceptual prototype, which obtained the Best Design Concept award and Best Propulsion/Compression Subsystem technical award in the Hyperloop Design Weekend, competition organized by SpaceX in January 2015. This Hyperloop model has been designed conceptually as the end result, it will be implemented after tests are conducted with different prototypes throughout the years.