Can I still join the HLTC?

Yes, although the official registration deadline is closed. Therefore, assistance to the courses is allowed but not the participation in the final project, as teams are already formed.

Does the inscription in the HLTC give you direct access to the team?

No. Assistance to the courses and knowledge acquired will be valuated but the participants will have to pass the same selection process as the other applicants.

Are all the courses mandatory if I am enrolled in the HLTC?

No, assistance is not mandatory but recommendable.

Is it necessary to physically attend the lectures?

Those who have the opportunity to physically attend should do, because doubs can be solved instantly and the learning process will be more dynamic. However, for those who cannot, the courses will be recorded.

Is previous knowledge necessary?

No. However, for attending the courses the assistant will be required to do some tasks at home in order to speed up the course.

If I cannot attend a course, Would I have access to the material?

Yes, access will be given to the recordings for those who are enrolled in the course.