Hyperloop UPV, the only team from Spain among the best universities in the world at the Hyperloop Pod Competition IV.

Presented last summer in SpaceX facilities. Fully autonomous, 100% electric and prepared to levitate in vacuum conditions.

Valencia, Spain. February 26th, 2019.- The team, which is composed of more than 40 students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), has been selected once again for the final stage of the Hyperloop Pod Competition IV, held by the well-known aerospace company SpaceX. The competition will take place in Los Angeles next Summer 2019.

Hyperloop is a new means of transport based on large vacuum tubes through which capsules capable of transporting both passengers and freight will travel at speeds over 1000 km/h using a fully eco-friendly method. The main objective is to connect everything, changing the way people move and making life much easier.

Hyperloop UPV is one of the finalists of the Hyperloop Pod Competition IV, as it has been selected among the more than 300 universities from all over the world that participated in the first stage. The team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia repeats as the only Spanish team and one of the few Europeans to qualify for the final phase of the competition.

It will have to compete against 20 of the best universities of the world, including the Technical University of Munich or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As every year, the qualified teams have to build a fully-functional prototype capable of moving at the maximum speed possible. The team is now working against the clock in order to make Turian come into reality.

Following Valentia, Hyperloop UPV continues with the commitment of exhibiting its Valencian origins all around the world, so the name of the third prototype references the river that flows through the city.

Turian continues with the modern outlines that distinguish the past prototypes of Hyperloop UPV, as well as assures improvements such as the power-to-weight ratio and the safety and reliability of the propulsion and energy systems.

After the Atlantic II and Valentia, Turian has been considered by the team as their best prototype so far, thus the main objective is to win the competition this Summer.

The Hyperloop Pod Competition IV will take place in July 2019, when the prototype will be tested to move as fast as possible inside the 1.5 km test track with near-vacuum conditions that SpaceX has constructed next to its headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Hyperloop UPV is supported by more than 50 companies and institutions for which innovation and young talent are truly essential. The team is aware of the great importance of each and every sponsor and would like to thank them all for their confidence in the project.

In previous editions of the competition, the team was awarded the Best Concept Design and the Best Propulsion System. Last year, the team was ranked again among the top 10 teams in the competition, as in 2017. Hyperloop UPV is considered one of the best teams in the world and will travel to California with the objective of finally winning the competition.

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