Hyperloop UPV unveiling

Everybody will have the opportunity to meet Valentia, the prototype that will fly to Los Ángeles for the next competition, June 15th at 6:00pm (GMT+2) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Hyperloop Pod Competition III is just around the corner and the Hyperloop UPV team is hard at work designing and making the 5th method of transportation. All their effort will be shown with the improved prototype, one that is many more times ambitious in terms of performance and speed than previous attempts.

Valentia will be the outcome.

The team will present Valentia on June 15th at 6:00pm (GMT+2) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.. The reveal will be open to anyone who wishes to spend an afternoon seeing cutting edge technology applied to Hyperloop. Valentia, however, is much more than just a prototype. It is the combination of every contribution each team member of the Hyperloop UPV team has made. Valentia is the result of vast amounts of effort and will be showcasing the Hyperloop spirit present in the team.

Valentia will break expectations.

This event is important in order to show that Hyperloop UPV has not stopped until creating what was first shown on a screen as a design. A prototype that has become a reality thanks to the trust and financial help from all our sponsors.

Keep up to date with our accounts on social media if you do not want to lose the presentation of Valentia.

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